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So, I'm just an average, ordinary guy that's just had enough of how this country is being run and I'm hoping a lot of you are also.

That being said, I've decided to enter the contest for President and I will be on the New Hampshire Republican Primary ballot in 2024.


I'll be explaining the things that I believe should change below. If you agree with me, then please, send your vote my way. I'm not seeking contributions, just your vote!


Most of what I believe comes from the way I was raised in the 50's and 60's. Those of you that are as old as me (i'm 69) know exactly what I'm saying.

My background is 24 years at IBM, followed by a lot of golf, fishing, skiing and now I have a small business that transports students to school.

If elected, I would focus on bringing the points laid out below into reality.

You may notice that I do not speak to any foreign policy. This is because I feel that we have enough problems right here in our own country that we need to solve before we go off somewhere to try to solve someone elses problems.

If you would like to ask any questions my email is "".


  • Our borders should be 100% secure. With insecure borders the likelihood of many, many illegals that are on the terrorist watch list coming into our country keeps growing every day. In the last 2 years alone the number of crimes, committed by illegal aliens, which include murder and manslaughter, robbery and theft, sexual assaults, weapons and drug offenses have skyrocketed!!! Why? It's due to the current administration advocating to have an unsecure border where anyone can enter our country, no questions asked!!!



  • We need to take all the illegal aliens and deport them. Beside the obvious crime wave, these illegals are "Sucking us dry" in a fiscal sense. The cost of these illegals is staggering. In 2022 there were 2.3 million illegal crossings. So far in 2023 (sept) there have been 2.53 million. The cost of this to the U.S. taxpayers (food, housing, medical, education, etc...) is well over $150 billion this year. We cannot sustain this kind of fiscal hit from people that do not do anything to contribute to our economy. Furthermore, we, the taxpayers will be indebted forever to provide for these illegals. Within 10 years the bill to U.S. taxpayers will surpass $1,000,000,000,000 (1 Trillion dollars) a year. It used to be that people would come here and legally enter the US to get a job. Now, the mindset is "go to the U.S..... get in however you can... they will pay for everything... you will never have to work again..."



  • We need to STOP the feeding at the government trough for everyone. We have far too many people in this country that have decided that they do not want to work and would rather game the system for government handouts. We need to institute a work requirement for those that collect money from the taxpayers. If you want a benefit, then you will have to work for it. If you say you can't work because you need childcare, then we will have folks like you working in childcare centers as their "job for benefits". If you don't have transportation to get to a job, then we will have folks like you providing transportation for you to get to work as their "job for benefits". Everybody, with the exception of those truly disabled (like in a wheelchair) should have to work to receive their benefit. We need to have the mindset of "You want a room, then here's your broom..." We need to get this country back to where we all had a work ethic.



  • We need all those students to be accountable for their actions and pay their own student loans. You knew exactly what you were signing when you took out your loan. You have a lot of nerve wanting the taxpayers to pay off your loan. I'm sure if I asked you to pay my mortgage or car loan, you would call me crazy..... Well, guess what... WE don't want to pay the loan that YOU signed off on. 



  • We need to fix the criminal justice system. The current "slap on the wrist, at best..." policy has to change. We're not making people accountable for their crimes to society. This has been a degrading problem for years now. We need to go back to the "If you do the crime, you do the time" days. Our judges and prosecutors are bending over backwards to not have to incarcerate anyone, including violent, repeat offenders. This needs to STOP!!! NOW!!!  



  • I believe that we need to do more for our veterans. When homeless veterans come second to the illegal aliens as far as medical and shelter are concerned then we have a seriously large problem.

  • We need to better support our Police, both financial support and moral support. They are our best and first line of defense against the tyranny that bad characters would like to ​put upon us.

  • I believe abortion is murder

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